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In order to service the customers all over the world better, Our company establish”24 Hour English Service”. All customers can dial the following number at any time:

From the beginning of establishment, Audicom has attached great importance  to  customer   service system. When our company still had very few customers , we had  built  a   set of customer service information management system based on LAN . and constantly improve and refine. Now we are use new V3 version to services our customers.

Thus , each user ’s instrument is installed, all information  about  this  instrument  will   login to our customer service system database ; and  each customer ’s material supply, feedback information and  maintenance  record will  be  recorded  in detail. Till now, With this system, our service, consultation, maintenance and supply to thousands of users all over the whole country is in an orderly way. With our  highly - efficient and  automated  process  each of our customers can enjoy  life-long quality service.

Customer service center is divided into 5 teams for receiving customers’ requirements.
1.The repair  receiving  team  is composed by rich experience of technical persons. This team will  help  to  users  to  repair  accurately, rapid judgment and guide users in the shortest time for remote troubleshooting.

2.The customer feedback team is to strengthen new users’ feedback. Usually, we pay intensive visit to new users in first year and half year once by next year. Most customer issues are useoperational errors, so frequent feedback can reduce the repair rate.

3.The material supply team’s job is to collect all the orders for material all over the country everyday and fulfill the orders by 17:00Hrs everyday.

4.The interior maintenance team is  mostly  to  return the instrument which properties are descended because of using for many years for maintenance . This is  value-added service . Only need to pay for exchanging parts according to cost price,  the user can enjoy total machine detection, all performance examination,safety examination and so on to prolong instrument's service life.Generally, instrument’s performance is improved greatly through interior maintenance.

5.During the period of  repair  receiving  and  customer feedback, 80% faults are solved.The other is caused by damaged part . In  this condition , the  maintenance  center  will  send   local or the closest maintenance engineers  on-site.  These  engineers  have  been well - trained  and  have  years’  work  experience. They will take the whole set of implements and general parts with themselves
Customer service center is equipped with a special-purposed telephone. This line can be dialed   by several users at the same time. This number can be dialed directly with dialing district number. The number is

If you hear busy back tone, it means the above line is occupied. So you may also dial following numbers:
Besides, AUDICOM is also equipped a special-purposed line for ordering material. The number is
During holidays or after work, you may dial our duty telephone:



If you have any advice to our service, email your detailed advice to us to following mailbox. We shall read it carefully; find the reason in time and respond to you as soon as possible.

The complaint mail box :[email protected]
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